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Steel Sun

Welcome to Planet Arcadia!! Here, humans aren’t safe and must be on lookout for Arcadia’s bloodthirsty creatures. Well, it's time to fight back! As a new hunter in this colony, you are expected to track down the planet’s deadly creatures. You must master your hunting, crafting, farming, and mining skills. Once captured, these creatures can be sold on the black market. Every creature is different so study them well and learn their weaknesses. On Arcadia, it isn’t every man for himself, it is essential to build relationships with the other colonists. The more popular you become the more votes you’ll get for Branch Leader. Remember, it's kill or be killed! Good Luck!

Street Farmer

Government has outlawed the new plant (Compound C) due to “Zombie” like side effects. The popularity of the plant and public dissent has the world in disarray with corruption running rampant. You are a new member of a criminal organization with goals of controlling Compound C and eliminating all opposition

Town Hero

Play an enforcer with superhuman powers in a small town. Make a living taking jobs from the locals.


For Steel Sun, release date of Q1 2022

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